TimbreWorks was established by Çağrı Tozluoğlu, also known as Philamelian, with the goal of providing music for various media, gaming, and art installations, as well as creating new avenues for musical collaborations. Currently, the TimbreWorks studio is situated in the Trinity Buoy Wharf creative site located in London. With years of experience in the music industry, Çağrı is a composer with a keen interest in contemporary and experimental music. While exploring his sound in the contemporary musical universe, he strongly believes in the idea of music as an art form, a medium of creativity and a powerful tool for storytelling.

In 2022, released the cinematic song titled The Oracle featuring the vocals of Özge Ürer as a single. The accompanying music video was shot at the Museum Gasworks Istanbul, and it was a great honour to be the first to film at this unique location.

In 2021, composed the score for the sci-fi animation short, ADARNIA,” directed by the Tokyo-based animation artist Clemhyn Escosora. From the film, the song EXILE was released as a single under his Philamelian moniker featuring Özge Ürer on vocals (video). “EXILE” received national coverage on Turkish television and press. The “ADARNIA” soundtrack album is now available on all platforms.

Çağrı’s production music works have been published by international labels such as BMG and have been featured on television networks, including BBC, Channel 5, TVNZ, and Fox TV US.

He has been an active figure in London’s music scene, performing with various bands and headlining festivals worldwide. Notably, he wrote and released music with Karnataka (2012-2017), The Hayley Griffiths Band, and The Oculist. Çağrı composed, produced, and mixed The Oculist’s album Cautionary Tales (2023), and he composed and orchestrated for The Hayley Griffiths Band’s studio album MELANIE (2023) as well as Karnataka’s award-winning album Secrets of Angels (2015). Additionally, he played keyboards with Karnataka on the live concert recordings New Light Live in Concert (2012, DVD/Blu-ray) and Secrets of Angels Live in London Concert (2017, DVD/Blu-ray).

Çağrı has been featured as Korg artist. He is a member of Ivors Academy and PRS.