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    I composed the music for the sci-fi animation short Adarnia from director Clemhyn Escosora from Tokyo. This is an excerpt from the film soundtrack. Following the release film will be around the world festival circles.
    Watch Adarnia on Youtube

    Watch Adarnia Music Showcase on Youtube

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    “Exile” from Adarnia Soundtrack


    Philamelian feat. Özge Ürer

    Written for the credits section of Adarnia on directors brief.

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    Outsiders of the Dark Woods

    Production Music track for Sci-fi Origins 2 album, published by Evolution Media Music under BMG Production Music.


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    Karnataka –

    Secrets of Angels

    Track is a showreel with snippets from composing and orchestrations for the award winning Karnataka album Secrets of Angels.

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    Riding the Sunrise