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    Karnataka –

    Secrets of Angels

    Track is a showreel with snippets from composing and orchestrations for the award winning Karnataka album Secrets of Angels.

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    Phılamelian feat. Özge Ürer

    Featuring Özge Ürer.

    Song written for Adarnia animation film.

    Released as a single with a music video and got international coverage from TVs, websites and published press.

    Released in the Adarnia Soundtrack Album.

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    Original Score

    Original Score written for Tokyo based director and animation artist Clemhyn Escosora’s title Adarnia. Film has won numerous accolades and appeared in film festivals around the world.

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    Philamelian feat. Özge Ürer

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    Cumhuriyet İyi ki Var!

    Music score for advert created in celebration of the 100th year anniversary of Turkish Republic.

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    Outsiders of the Dark Woods

    Production music.

    Publishers: Universal Music / Evolution Music