timbre.works was founded by composer and keyboardist Çağrı Tozluoğlu (a.k.a Philamelian) with the aim of providing music for media, game and art installations and also creating a new pathway for musical collaborations. Çağrı has many years working experience in the music scene. He is a composer with an interest for new music and sonic explorations. While searching his sound in the contemporary musical macrocosm he is adhered the idea of music as an art form and a field of creativity… It is a powerful tool of story telling.

Recently Çağrı has composed and orchestrated for the award winning Karnataka album Secrets of Angels (2015). He is playing keyboards in Karnataka as a band member and touring musician since 2011. Secrets of Angels is available in music shops around the world as Deluxe CD edition and Vinyl. Also played keyboards on bands New Light Live in Concert (2012-DVD/BluRay) and planned release in 2017 for the previously captured Secrets of Angels Live in London Concert.

“Aquabotanics – Sounds and Visions of The Deep” …a home cooked arts exhibition designed to give audience an audiovisual experience. Çağrı composed 3 pieces and a 4 channel soundscape for the exhibition space designed to evolve interactively according to the audience behaviour. Exhibition material will keep expanding in time.

Çağrı has been featured as Korg artist. He is a member of BASCA and PRS.