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    The Void Ahead

    Pulsive soundtrack composition for action and suspense.

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    Malakbel Rolling

    the Wheel of Darkness

    This is an instrumental introduction written at the time of the breaking point of Syrian conflict. Piece is starting with the references to the state of depression and despair with an underlying possibility of hope. Epic ending represents the chaos of a vast geography with a long history in the struggle of recreating itself towards good or bad.

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    A Drift Into Destiny

    This work merges together music pieces composed for a game project.

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    Short Music for

    String Quartet Op.57

    A short string quartet composition, from tranquil to turbulent. Piece featuring Maria Duda on the cello.

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    From the Strips of

    Dreamspeak III

    This piece is a part of the composition series written during writing trips between London and Barcelona.

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    Aquabotanics No.2

    Aquabotanics – Sounds and Visions of The Deep…a home cooked arts exhibition designed to give audience an audiovisual experience. Çağrı composed 3 pieces and a 4 channel soundscape for the exhibition space designed to evolve interactively according to the audience behaviour. Exhibition material will keep expanding in time.

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    Karnataka –

    Secrets of Angels

    Track is a showreel with snippets from composing and orchestrations for the award winning Karnataka album Secrets of Angels.